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Google Offers LogoAfter Groupon turned down Google's 6 Billion dollar bid to purchase their company, Google decided to build their own Groupon-ish product/service. I recently read an article about Google Offers and their recent success in the Portland, OR area.  They are soon to be expanding to five new cities in the US. Looking at the new "daily deal" startup made me ponder the general market these types of companies cater to. 

There is a lot of competition in the daily deal market both with businesses offering the daily deal and with those local businesses offering deals.  Right now, there are several daily deal offerings in Greensboro, the city our offices are in.  Below are the most popular locally in Greensboro, NC.

Yellow Pages is offering some kind of daily deal according to their advertising, although I am struggling to find it on their website.  It seems as though it is another ploy to trick you into using their website for search. *read that I do not like the Yellow Pages.

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